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Order received (location, hours, duration and works required)

Confirmation order drawn up (if rates not agreed as part of PSL)

Order processed and resourcing starts

Work given to operatives with previous work history with ourselves. If dealing with a new operative, or one with a 6 month gap since last working for us, we obtain 2 recent working references and validate the operatives ID (Credas) and CSCS card (CITB website).

Details of the job are sent to the operative, containing all relevant site details

Operative is ‘checked in’ at the start time provided.  Site manager contacted should there be any problems.

Timesheets sent out on Friday to the person responsible for authorising them on the clients behalf

(can be filled in by operative if requested by the client).

Timesheets due in by midday Tuesday at the latest and invoices are then drawn up and sent out.

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