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This notice applies only to those who registered for services with Nohow International Limited between the years of 2015 to 2018.   

Nohow International expereicned a data security incident that may have resulted in unauthorised access to personal information. However, please note that, there is no evidence that your data has been stolen or accessed maliciously. Therefore, this is an informative statement to you in order that you can take any precautionary measures you may wish to take.

We have already notified the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and, accordingly at the earliest opportunity,  we also notifeid affected individuals in accordance with our UK GDPR policy.     

We became aware that some worker data may have been compromised, from the period 17th November 2020 to 4th January 2021. We are conducting a thorough investigation, which is ongoing.

We have taken all necessary steps to mitigate any adverse effects, and we can confirm that  the situation is contained and cannot happen again in future. Protecting our workers information remains our top priority.

The data effected includes the information you will have provided to Nohow International which may comprise of (dependant on the information provided to us) basic personal identifiers, official documents, genetic or biometric data, ethnic or racial origin & economic and financial data. 

As a precaution or if you have any concerns you should set up identity theft monitoring via your bank. In case of any suspicious activity or fraud, do the following as soon as possible: Report identity theft to law enforcement, notify your bank, and other financial services of possible identity theft, review recent activities on your online accounts and watch out for suspicious emails, messages, and requests.

To reiterate, we have no evidence that your data has been stolen or breached maliciously.

If you wish to contact us for further information or any assistance please email ‘’ or write to us at Nohow International Limited, Safestore Business Centre, Elstow Road, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 8PL

Thank you

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